Cyperpunk: Running a post neo-america game.

May 31, 2006 at 2:26 pm (Cyberpunk, Uncategorized)

In my recent webrunning (searching the web for a particular product, often for a particular price from a particlar country) during my day job.

I stumbled across this link.

It is a beautifully styled cyperpunk podcast the covers america under Bush. It covers new stories that remind you of cyperpunk and strikes a political message.

It is perfect for either playing while running a bush american styled cyperpunk 2.0 or cyperpunk 1.0 game. Or while coming up with story ideas or while designing a modern america for your cyperpunk.

I would not recommend it for cyperpunk 3.0 as that game is only loosely based on the old system. It has a different style about it and is not as suitable for a 'realistic' grity game.

The music in the background, the edited bush clips and word-for-word bush clips are very evocative and stylised. If I wasnt already running a different gameworld I would run out and use these. Hell I still might with some tweeks.


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