Finding gm’s, finding players.

June 1, 2006 at 2:42 pm (Articles, Uncategorized)

Finding gms, finding players.

If your currently going to college it is relatively easy to get your gaming 'fix', that is, if your college gaming group is reasonably active and you ask at the begining of a term. 

But if your college group is quiet or there is none? Or if you are working? Or if you recently have changed country? Or you are just a bit too old to be gaming with college students?

What do you do then?

Well you have to find one suitable person by either word of mouth or at a convention and try to get into their gaming network. Thats how it is done.

It is by no way the best way of doing things, but its what we do. Most of the groups of gamers I mingle with and game with today, I found that way. Most are built around a couple of Gms and the gms share a lot of the players.

I can think of several gaming groups that I don't game with at all with, or gamed with in the past, that are the same way.

In our own little circle we have two experienced gms, one being me ;), one established gm and 5/6 new gms. I dont play in all of them and some gms run more games that others. Neither do all the players play all the games, some are just in one, some are in two, some in four.

I am currently paid up in one offical club, but I dont game in that group. Our little group draws players and gms from all three limerick clubs. Anything between 3 and 6 games happen a week.

Different things are being played, I can think of at least four different gms are running five cyperpunk campaigns, two/three dnd campaigns by different gms, one mage, one vampire larp, one wod.

There are also several ones I am not as sure about as I am not in or only a few players are in, so I dont hear as much about them. 🙂  

Most of my players are friends, friends of friends, players of friends or old players. Most of the other games are the same. 

It is a useful way of building up gming experience as well, as a gm you can ask the others for advice. Problem players can be discussed, new players can be checked out by the first gm and their players and the word filters back.

As a player, its easier to get introduced to a gm in the network, its also easier to here about a new game. You can also introduce your friends into the network easier and if they do well, your characters get a new ally that you trust.

These groups get created because they work, its hard when you are out in the gaming cold but remember, you only need one player to join or start a group. 

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