November 27, 2006 at 2:06 pm (Superhero games)

The main GM I play with ran a superhero game, the Marvel universe rpg last night.

I am very much an ex-fan of marvel and superhero comics, so I was thinking of not joining this game, despite joining every other game the GM runs.

I enjoyed the game.

I took a character who it would be totally impossible for her to become the party leader, and whos viewpoint would stop a lot of tactial thinking. So its very different to my usual type of character that thinks a lot and often leads. I wanted this backseat viewpoint in case I found the game didn’t suit me and I needed to leave.

The rpg system should avoid the flaw of marvel/dc comics problem, no story, character or world consistency. My gm is too good to make those mistakes. 

The system still has the problem with the superhero characters provided, historys, being inconsistent and problematic. I don’t think it will become a problem. I can still choose with this sort of character to avoid finding out to much about any npc I wish to avoid.

In the other game that ran yesterday, an advanced cyberpunk 2050 game, I would hate to have such a viewpoint. I love engaging the npcs and leading tacticly the party.

I can understand how many rpg players who read this and comment on all the out of character thought I put in here, but I find that acceptable to avoid causeing any party-problems or damaging the game.

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