Preparing for a game

November 27, 2006 at 2:38 pm (Games)

I have a game I gm on tonight. So I’m doing a bit of thinking and getting ready. This article gave me an idea about how to give another clue to my party (who are currently stuck in a huge maze).

The huge maze is a big BIG test, that happened due to player actions, so it has to be dramatic. 

The party are currently forced to work with their main enemy to escape the maze. They also do not have their normal gear, are weaker than usual and cant contact their base. They also have no idea how they got sent here. But it should be very clear when everything is revealed (to at least the player and npc whose actions caused this).

I hope I can put enough pressure on them that when they come out of it they feel like they had a great success, but not so much they are burnt out. 

They have gone through two steps/rooms/corridors already. So they are on track.

I have to be dramatic and different for each step but keep the theme of this maze going. Quite quite tricky.

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