Christmas gift for gamers.

November 29, 2006 at 11:56 am (Fun)

I am mostly sorted in this area for christmas. I make dice bags, which are rather hard to buy in Ireland if you cant buy things online, so all my gaming friends are getting those for the holidays.

People seem very happy with the idea. One has got his already as he keeps losing dice and forgetting them, hopefully his green and gold dice bag will help.

When I get a digital camera i’ll take pictures of them and post them. So far I have made about 10 of them. I can make about one in an evening, but I dont get chance every evening.

I also made myself a chopstick holder with a red holly and ivy patterned cloth. Very handy to keep my chopsticks clean and together as I travel.

I had some other ideas for cheap gifts, nice notebooks for gms, dice, printed out online systems that I bind or have bound. I would be happy with any of those, so feel free to give me them ^-^ Hahaha.

I would love some Gm screens, they are also very hard/impossible to buy in Ireland. We have one for modern d20 and thats it. I use notebooks/rulebooks as screens instead. I have heard suggestions how to make you own, but I have no faith in my talent here. I might try sometime though. The trick would for them to look nice after being laminated. If you know any guide please post them in the comments!


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