Deitys in Dnd

January 10, 2007 at 12:19 pm (DND)

Treasure tables wrote  

Either way, though, assuming a pseudo-medieval baseline, the gods are generally pretty important — and by extension, they should be important to the PCs.

I use the gods as a major theme in my world. They are involved with the biggest plot in the world and in lots of smaller ones. Their agents and avatars too are at work.

They sometimes talk to the partys clerics and to the high priest/ess of temples. The current cleric has a personal relationship with his god. The party in turn is getting to know the gods and the cult of the god through the cleric.

I ask every player to choose a god for their character whether or not they are particularly faithful. I use that information as part of the campaign. The temples of various gods and goddesses have been visited by many different partys by now.

Guilds in Dnd can been very important to a character who uses them. Temples can be important in the same way. Information, Artisans, Items, protection, healing and quests can be found at both the temple and the guild.

In a town, in any campaign, the fighter should be thinking of visiting her guild, the mage his magic guild, the cleric her temple and the rogue his thieves/assassins/advertures guild. All will have relevent information they should know as the word-on-the-street. Equally they could be thinking their temple for extra information, or just a different source on the gossip.  

The festivals can be a great plothook, or a least a great way of showing what the area and people are like. Unusually customs, practices and dress should be highlighted.

I also like the temples bells in a city, town or village marking the time. ‘Two bells and all is well’.  

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