Making historical settings good for everyone!

January 12, 2007 at 10:23 am (Old white wolf)

This makes me want to get vampire dark ages. And look again at some of the historical games. I was so used to thinking that I was going to have an awful time playing a women in those time. This gives me a new perspective.   

how a lifestyle of war and crusade for feudal lords inevitably dumped a lot of practical power in the laps of wives and daughters, about societies like Languedoc France of the 12th-14th centuries where women fairly routinely held knighthood and flourished as troubadours, about female war band leaders in heavily fought-over borderlands, and so on.



  1. phrixuscoyote said,

    In the new Dark Ages: Vampire main book, it is described that female and male vampires are treated absolutely equal by vampiric society, because every vampire understands that sex/gender doesn’t matter to vampires any more. So in vampiric society we have an equal share of very powerful female vampires.

  2. mary gilmartin said,

    Cool. I like that change in the vampire system. I feel better about the system after reading the article though.

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