Whats an RPG/TRPG?

January 12, 2007 at 1:18 pm (Articles, Fun, Games)

A RPG (role playing game) or TRGP ( tabletop role playing game) is a game that is usually played with 2 or more players from a book using dice and paper and pens.

The way it works is the rpg book tells you how to make an in-game character (PC, player character) with numbers saying what the character is good at.

Then the person running the game (GM, games master) describes the world and lets the in-game characters do things.

For example. Lets say my character is described by strength, speed and smarts. Lets say 1 in a stat is poor at it, 2 is average, 3 is good and 4 is great.

I might have 9 points to put in those three main stats. So I might decide I want to be strong and put 4 in strength, 3 in smarts and 2 in speed. So I am very strong, above average intelligence and average speed.

It would look like 

str: 4  spd: 2 smt: 3

Then I might want to be able to see what I can do. So I pick skills. The game probally has a list of skills and I have a few points to spend in those skills. Lets say 10 points. Each point I put in a skill makes me better at the skill.

I might pick something like

drive: 2,

karate: 2,

use-computer: 2,

persuade: 2,

sneak: 2.

I have those skills and I’m good at it. Other skills I might not be very good at but can do. For example Jump. I dont need to be trained at jumping to jump, but I would need to be trained at medicine to perform medicine.

I would pick a name for the character Ex Alice, an age, lets say 30, and a gender, female. I might also pick a job and give her a history and family.

The game itself would work as if my in-game character needed to do something. I would roll a dice and add my main stat and my skill.

For example lets say I rolled a normal 6 sided dice and got a 4. Lets say I wanted to find someones email address on the internet. I would add smarts 2 and use-computer 2 and my dice roll 4. I get 8, that would be a good roll. I should find the email address.

The Gm would tell me whats happening and I could ask questions. I would talk as Alice to both the people in the world who aren’t player by other people in the game (npc) and characters who are played by people in the game (pcs). We would travel along the story the gm has planned, solving problems, fighting bad guys and getting to the end of the story.

If you would like to see what an rpg is like, you can email me and I might be able to arrange something. Or travel to a rpg convention in your local city.


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