The order of the pine

January 17, 2007 at 12:28 pm (DND)

A while ago I decided to add value to the wilderness lore stat in DnD 3.0 and used my herbology information to give players with the skill, plant loot when they were looting wilderness areas. One thing I did was give a healing value to pine tea.

In real life pine in hot water, is an antiseptic which means it clean’s wounds, you don’t drink it, you use it externally. But in the dnd system I though easiest way of showing that, was in a hitpoint healing form. And a tea, is simular to a healing potion that goes off very quickly.

I gave it a pretty decent healing quality (minor healing spell level) and the players quickly became obsessed with it. They hadn’t a cleric in the party so their healing had to be bought so this was great.

The order of the pine quickly got formed, banner, cermonies and all. And a lot of pine trees where stripped for the bag of holding. Because of their order I gave them a +1 bonus fot things to do with pine, and a +1 bonus by their standard for healing.

It worked out like a minor healing potion cast by a level 5 cleric I think. Hmm 1d6+4 (with all bonuses) I think. So they were very very happy. To get this dose you have to drink a canteen of the brew and if you drink two canteens you need to pee. Hell you can inforce it after one canteen. Makes sense drink a lot of water the body tells you enough is enough.

I’m happy out with the little order, its cute and creative, the potions aren’t very strong and its easy enough to balance the free healing costs with the amount of coins I’m giving them.  

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