GM notebooks

January 18, 2007 at 3:08 pm (Gming)

Last night I sat down and read Nightcloaks GmNotebook before my High Level Dnd game. I got some great ideas out of it that I’m going to use.

I already have a GM notebook. Its split into two for High and Low level Dnd. I record Xps, Loot, and what the party fights and does in it. I don’t however use it for world information. Thats one overflowing World folder, a mapbook and my memory is for.

I’m a wee bit tempted to start a World notebook due to reading Nighthawks Gmnotebook guide but I’m trying to resist.

I should type up all my material when I get my new laptop. Then I could put it into book format. I have enough for one book, maybe two. Then I could print it and bind it. That would solve my problem in a tidy fashion. Because right now, its just too much.


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