Cons and GM’s

January 25, 2007 at 11:58 am (Cons)

Since a con is on this week in cork, I found this article on Gencon in America on slashdot particularly  interesting.

The review from one Tabletop GM is quite negative but the GM pack she is given is a cool idea. It would be great to be informed of all the thing you need to know in advance.

The GM’s are reimbursed for the con for their time, which is nice. The cons I have ran games for in Ireland, I usually spend near or all my time running games. Which I like but still, its not really worth paying a con to run games for them is it girls and guys?

Yet I keep doing it. Silly me. 

Ah well. I tried to email warpcon a couple of times (4) and keep getting fails on the email address. So I’m not sure yet if I’ll be running anything offically at warpcon. I’m still planning on running something for my players when they are bored when we are down there.

Looking at the warpcon scedule I see a few games I want to be in. I want to meet some of the women gms from cork to see if any of them are the corkwomen I meet in limerick who was in my shadowrun game. I want to try out some new systems and maybe try one or two I like the description of.  


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