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January 25, 2007 at 11:34 am (Gming, Old white wolf)

This Brit GM wrote this larp vmanifesto. Its interesting reading even if you do things differently yourself.

if I’m running a Camarilla game, I want only Camarilla concepts. If I’m running a Sabbat game (god forbid!) I want only Sabbat concepts.

I agree with that point. I think most GM’s do.

A player may not follow any path other than Humanity when they initiate their character. If a PC wishes to tread another Morality path, they must roleplay it for a certain period of time – up to a year, in-game – in order to acquire it.

I’ve seen this rule used pretty often too. It works.

Most players treat Flaws as a quick and easy way of getting free traits for their characters – and they usually get away with it. Certain, minor, flaws would be allowable – such as phobias, nightmares, addictions.

True and it is hard work on the ST. Its annoying when you have a lot more to do to take time out to enforcing the way a PC should be runing their character. Still its good to stop wavering character designs. If you have a trait you have to play it, no excuse. If your character is just how you are playing it, its hard to call a player on (but still possible).  


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  1. Johanna said,

    I happened to find this whilst doing some link back-tracking – I’m glad you liked “In A Perfect World – One Vampire ST’s Manifesto”. It was fun to write – and even several years on, I’m still standing by it! 😉

    – johanna @

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