Warpcon 2007

January 29, 2007 at 11:02 am (Cons)

Very different than expected.

I  didn’t end up being in that many rpgs, only one on the saturday evening and one that I didn’t get to finish on sunday. On the sunday morning the con opened late. T’s game started way late, started running at about 12.

Mine was to start at 2, but I put it back to 3 in order to try to give a chance for players who wanted to be in the game, but whose game was running late a chance (they didnt make it anyway). Probally a  mistake in the end, the game would have had more flavor to it if I got a bit longer with it. It ran 3.20-5.30 or so.

I was left feeling tired and confused. Ah well. I dont think I want to run a game at such a late slot again.  

It would have been nice if we weren’t getting chased out of the hall every day. Why didn’t they give themselves an hour after everything was supposed to end to wrap up?  

I bought way more rpg books than planned. I found Tunnels and Trolls! Very old school. Never been in a game of it ran by anyone, but now I can run it myself and see what its like.

The food at the con was poor. There was nowhere local selling hot food, just a cafateria selling sandwhichs. So proper meals did not really happen.

I think I had fun, but the stress and noise and disorganisation took away from it.

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