Our Cyberpunk Game

February 5, 2007 at 10:44 am (Cyberpunk)

The cyberpunk game I play in, was at the weekend. One of the players characters bought a gang. That was quiet unexpected. They have still a lot of work to do to keep it, but thats needed for everything.

He already is thinking off ‘respect’ not rep 😉

 From my characters point of view the game was very strange. My merc team people are now begining to get people of their own, we are now an international organisation, we make multimillion revenues and have world spanning contacts through our well placed allies. We have a private elite army in the form of our merc team. We know some of the deep dark secrets of the world. My little merc team is begining to grow up.

Are we now corps?  Maybe. Our patron betted right after all.

Also the guy my character is dateing has amnesia. He is now innocent and sweet, compared to the rude, world weary, person she knew. Got to say, while its fits that this could happen and in many ways its an old gm trick, as a player, its still confusing.  I know what to do action-wise (nothing) but emotions and thoughts *shrug* I have no idea.


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