The hard part of being a leader

February 8, 2007 at 11:38 am (Cyberpunk)

The hard part of being a leader is the act of leading. The statement that you do know better than others, that they should trust in you, that you will make decisions at times without asking them. You act for them. You decide for them.

Its even harder when you act on behalf of someone you love. The knowledge that you might make the wrong decision. How little at times you really know. How scared at times you might be. They won’t and should NOT see any of that.

Thats the point, you takes these risks and responsibilites so they dont have to. The buck stops with you. You decide whats good for the team. You decide who lives and who dies. And if one of your own needs to be put down. You put them down.

This whole line of thought is formed from two difficult threads. My cp characters lovers memory and a exfriends mistakes. One might be solved with time, or the fact I’m telling him anything about himself might force his memorys return. Him regaining his difficult memories will return him to the person who cant get past his past. Him not remembering means I lose him.

 The exfriends mistakes have risked lives, and droven one person mad. His skills are mostly, but not totally replaced. His family would be better off with a better parent. So why havent I got rid of him. Transfered his responsibility and disposed of him? The fact he is a pc isnt the reason. It might be an excuse though.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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