Bribing the GM

February 12, 2007 at 6:28 pm (Gming)

TT wrote

I gamed with a GM who openly encouraged us to bribe him with things (like snacks) for XP and other in-game privileges. Fifteen years on, man, that seems weird.

I’d say its commen enough. Most of the gms I know have encouraged bribes of snacks and minerals for gm-karma. Good will to the players from an happy gm. Saying that I have bribed my players for help tidying my house when running games had left a lot of work to do. And another young gm i know takes it very far, with skill points being given out for lots of things.

In moderation, I see no harm in it. As long as any gm rewards aren’t common or huge and the players know the whole thing isnt serious.

Rumours of missed wages for character level ups from Knights, I personal believe its happened somewhere.

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