A large dnd village

February 15, 2007 at 1:52 pm (DND)

People to put in and around a large dnd village.  

Blacksmith’s Shop (shoes horses, makes tool/weapons) (sometimes you also have a weaponsmith), Brewery (and tavern) (makes beer), Carpenter’s Shop (makes boards, chairs, plates, etc), Cobbler’s Shop, (makes shoes, belts, tack), Wonderous Goods and Services (mage), Money-changer and Jeweler(a slivermith/goldsmith), Apocathery and Healer, Mercant (various non-magical non-weapon goods), Glassblower’s Shop (makes glass, glass objects), Mill (makes flour (wheat, oats, bran etc), Potter’s Shop (makes pots, bricks), Tannery (makes leather), Cooper (makes barrels), Inn and stable, Shrine, Woodcutter (supplies carpenter), Hunter (supplies tannery), Bard, Midwife, Farmers, Historian/Elder, Teacher.

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