Npc development idea: ‘5 things you dont know about X’

February 15, 2007 at 12:29 pm (Gming)

I have been writing up a ‘5 things you dont know about [character name]‘ file for my npcs. Its a great tool to help the players understand their allies better but I could also use it to develop the characters better for my own use.


Pick 5 female and 5 male npcs and write down 5 things the pcs dont know about that npc. It can be anything, a tattoo, a hobby, a secret, previous training, an odd ally they have.

I would nearly suggest picking the npcs you care least about and are least interested in, as this might get you more interested in their own story and help you play them better.


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  1. Neon Elf said,

    On the other hand, the NPCs you care least about are usually the ones that don’t have much value to the campaign. It’s ok to have flat NPCs as long as it’s not the evil lich lord the PCs are trying to kill. This is a good way to add depth to NPCs that will be pivotal, or reoccurring.

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