Designing good roleplaying adventures

February 16, 2007 at 1:06 pm (Gming)

You might like reading Designing good roleplaying adventures. Then again, I hate the name, it sounds arrogent and I’d rather have something more specific that tells me what the articles about. I’d have used ‘components of a short storyline’, as the writer speaks of a plot that runs 2-3 games and what should be used to make that plot.

Adventure to me sounds like the main plot, which might take a campaign to run, not a sub plot that takes a couple of games. Then again, the terms I used are based from writing/tv and I don’t use ready made adventures. It might be I’m just out of touch.

I don’t really agree with the thoughts the gm has about the components they pick, but its always interesting to hear a another opinion.



  1. The Dead One said,

    Hi mer,

    I didn’t mean to be arrogant with the title and mostly my article was trying to draw together a number of my own personal conclusions/observations about adventures I’ve found good. Oddly my thoughts were aimed at single sessions! Not to more than one sessions of a game. I know, sounds mad. I did try to scale it up (see this blog post) and it mostly seems to work.

    I guess I probably failed to express myself properly, I have no professional writing experience or training. I also have every intention on revising it (we’ll see how good that intention is). I’d be interested in hearing on what you disagreed with. As you say… “it’s always interesting to hear another opinion”? 🙂

  2. mary gilmartin said,

    Ah, if we were required to have professional experience none of us would be here. So dont worry about that.

    I’m going to go have a read of the scaled up blog post. I think gms should talk about single sessions as well as plot arches and campaigns. Because they more we all talk about it the more we learn.

    With your basic points of the first article, I agree about giving players freedom. I have seen more than one way of doing that, and I have seen some of the problems it throws up, but I still think its the best method.

    I’m not all that sure about the hook, or at least I’m not quite sure what your saying about the hook. I understand players and pcs need a reason for roleplaying/adventuring, but I’m not what a gm is doing about that in a single session. The very first session maybe. The midpoint session maybe.

    As for structuring your adventure, I dont think I have decided yet what the perfect stucture (or at least good) for both myself and my players.

    I’m going to try out a old structure I used before in a campaign I’m running now. Which is Part 1, mid high, climax, Part 2, mid high, climax. 1 main plot, a few sub plots. But I have been running another campaign without any such structure but more a series of over lapping concurrent plots.

    So I didnt take all that much from the structuring part as while I got what you said, I’m still thinking about the problem so can’t say if I agree or not.

    Anyway thats my thoughts.

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