Star wars droids

February 22, 2007 at 11:44 am (Star wars)

One player got a pit droid last game thats more like a little assassin or war droid and a sucidal r2 droid that wants a mindwipe. I picked up an astromech droid, an R2 I have named R2K0 or reko. Another player got a super battle droid bodyguard. 

Another player, the captain got two battle droids and a Droideka to guard the ship. I got the shields working on the droideka but its rolling function isnt working. I also had to fit heavy repeating blasters onto the droideka. I also had to turn on the aggression functions of the battle droids and gave them the old blaster rifles that was on the droideka.

So a lot of droid work last game. Its cool though, because they add a lot to a star wars game.  

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