Casual gamers in trpgs

March 5, 2007 at 12:16 pm (Articles)

I read something that mentioned casual video gaming and how thats increasing numbers of women and men who dont really consider themselves gamers. And I was thinking there are people like that in rpgs too.

I can think of about maybe 6 women who have played trpgs from time to time but probally arent in a campaign. Women who gamed the odd onceoff or in a friends house. I can think of about 4 men that turned up for about half the games of a campaign and might leave early. So suddenly besides the people I’m considering ‘gamers’ I have about 10 people who are semi-gamers.

In video games people who game a bit, don’t see themselves as gamers but enjoy hobby in a casual and relaxed way are important for the industry. They add to sales and are consider by nintendo to be the main market for the wii.

In trpgs, we have these people too. They could be consider an important part of our industry if we want it to grow. However we have some problems with those people, our problem is, gms arent going to value these players like they value committed, there every week serious gamers. They dont turn up as often, but when they are there they often add a lot. Some of the best naturally talented roleplayers I have met were casual gamers.

So what do we do?

I don’t know. I’m happy having one casual player who turns up 50% of the time in a campaign. More than that I get annoyed about their lack of committment. I usually have 5 serious players in any game I run. I have had 4 serious, no casual, buts thats when I capped the game to run a standard dnd party game.

How many casual trpgers have you met? Do you keep them or drop them from your gaming group?

(btw I’m not really counting gaming clubs, a lot of the casual gamers I met never bothered joining the club. Though you can talk about your club experiences.)  



  1. Jade Reporting » Blog Archive » April 12 said,

    […] Casual gamers in trpgs […]

  2. Jade Reporting » April 12 said,

    […] Casual gamers in trpgs […]

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