Thinking of a pirate npc for dnd. Grainne Mhaol.

March 6, 2007 at 12:44 pm (DND)

Usual story, I have a character concept and I’m gathering research links. I find the history very useful when I’m deciding what they are like in my game. This should be useful for anyone else doing Irish Pirates from the 1500s.

Grainne Mhaol means Grainne the bald, from when she cut her hair short as a child so her father would bring her along to sea. This shows that the whole ‘unlucky’ crap wasnt happening in Ireland at the time. She was from mayo, but a different part from where I come from. In fact at that time the part I’m from might have been in sligo at the time. Oh Ballina people might note the four Mhaols from the dolmon of the four Mhaols, then, had cropped hair.

Out of interest at that time since the behron laws where in place, either sex could divorce each other by saying twice ‘I divorce you’ after a year was up. In parnells time women could not divorce their husbands but their husbands could divorce them, thats why kitty couldnt divorce her husband first. Funny that the irish state then decided to make it illegal after all the pain and suffering it cause parnell and kitty. Anyhow under behron law in the 1500s grainne was intitled to

By law Grainne was entitled to one third her husband’s estates, but the law was often ignored.  Grace had been cheated out of her right to part of her first husband’s estate, and this time she wasted no time and took what she was owed.

Anyway thats handy to know. I remembered Grainne had made the law work for her but I didnt remember all the details.  Some of the other names in particular I’m finding useful. Her story I have heard enough to nearly be able to repeat from memory. In some of the links there is pictures of the castles and maps.

I think ill have to check up the ships they used and other things from the time. I might keep adding them to this post.’Malley

Mayo Irish

Pirates women in general (references)


The increased weight of ships’ guns also required that they be situated as low in the hull as possible, a
problem not satisfactorily overcome until the development of the watertight gunport in the early 1500s.


  1. Revena said,

    Cool stuff. I like to collect coffee table books for reference for rpg and fiction characters, as well as links. The books are harder to share over the internet, though. 😉

  2. mary gilmartin said,

    That they are ^-^

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