March 13, 2007 at 1:32 pm (Games)

In oblivion I’m currently a female Nord, level 22, pilgrim. My birthsign is the thief. I’m wearing glass armour and I use maces. Appearance wise I maxed out height and took red hair.

I just finished off the saving kavtch bit (the bit after the main quest bit in katch). I dropped the guy off at the blades ages ago.

Also recently enough I finished getting the recommendations from the mages guild and went a got my wand. That was a lot of fun.

My highest skill is alchemy 95. Thats just about to level up, Im preparing to do the alchemy quest too. Just need to get that wine. 

The city I consider home is Chorrol even though I dont own a house their yet. Which makes sense as I’m a conjuration mage (66). Summon zombie!

I joined the thieves guild, I have the skeleton key. I have done a bit of the fighters guild quest.

The weirdest thing I came across in the wilds? Maybe that underwater city that the gods destroyed. In the city it would be the guy who was making zombies in his basement and the story of the guy making vampire plants and feeding them donated blood and homeless peopl.e 


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