The Star Wars campaign

March 14, 2007 at 2:04 pm (Star wars)

The star wars game I’m in is set in ABE 3 or so. Its while luke is missing (in training) and leia is missing.

We have one jedi in the party and everyone else is either force sensitive or force adepts (2 ppl). Most of the force sensitive people where not aware of it and would not have done anything with it if the other force users where not around. One force adept was aware she had the force, the other was unaware.

The force adepts could have became jedi, if the jedi had put a bit of effort. Then it seemed like the force adepts and possible some of the force sensitives might have banded together and learned together.

Last game however a dark force spirit possessed/influenced the jedi and the jedi took on two padawans. Due to the fact (the aware from the begining) force adept character realised something was wrong with a story one of the force sensitives, (our main pilot) told her. Both characters walked in on the jedi feeding red energy to another force sensitive as they mingled force energy while mediating together.

This was stopped and the dark plot was figured out, which we now have to band together as force users to stop it. Its dangerous, our lack of knowledge might make it more so.  The jedis efforts have been shown to be a dark force plot. Trust is broken there. Its again likely that the jedi will not have control of the party and instead a new force order might grown.

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