Different genders, different sexuality

March 15, 2007 at 11:53 am (Games)

I put the arguement to a friend of mine that we cant properly protray a race with more than one gender in film. I doubt we show it properly in books. The reasons being be often see gender as based on social roles or sexuality rather than actually based on gender.

I have gone through this idea mostly due to in my angels and demon game, angels are well understood by the players to not be human. They are people, they are sentinet, they fall in love with people sometimes but are not human.

One of the proofs of this is they are omnisexual. Omni all, not bi two. Not based on gender but species and gender. To them there is no real difference between a otter, a human and a bird. They could fall in love with a plant. They recognise a ‘sexy’ animal. This is because they are ‘other’, not human. They see themselves as other, higher beings, created by the creator for the creators own will. It becomes acceptable for them in a way that it isnt for a human by the fact they can communicate on any species own level and act as that species. So what for us is abberant and wrong, for them is not. 

I still see them in  two genders, their gender is based on obidience and creation. What they where made they are. But nothing stops them looking like either gender except the pause of not loving what the creator gave them. Nothing stops them breeding like either gender except the crestor told them not to love anyone more than the creator. Their alien minds follows their programming over everything, over their hearts and brains.

Except of course this works no better for them, than it does in many ways for us. While we do not love seals, we cant help what gender we love or what person we love. We can choose not to act but it causes pain. So they sometimes turn against heaven and fall.

The game puts some things in check. We are people so we aren’t going to see an angel as falling in love with that tree. As a person I refute any question of them falling for anyone not an adult or in their full mind. But their alieness remains.

Its easy to see in their falling, their inability to refuse forever to be what they are, our own stories. But in the end, we still dont understand because they are not us. Our selves are not their selves. We barely understand anything of our own species never mind outside it. So we have questions, ideas but not knowledge.  



  1. matt said,

    The parallel with the angels works because they are no more human than they are plant. I guess it would be interesting to wonder what the otter or the plant “sees” when they gaze upon an angel? In working on games that involve ‘aliens’ we see the same problem. Can two intelligences fall in love over the internet? Sure. What happens when one turns out to be not the gender or sexuality they report? Major upsets. How does this work when an intelligence might be from a different planet and has no relation to the “gender” question.

  2. mary gilmartin said,

    Its an interesting line of thought alright. It makes you have to go back over and question your assumations.

    It often comes down to the gm presenting the reality of the situation and the player then exploring it and making her/his own choice.

  3. The Dead One said,

    Good post. I had never thought about that problem of alien-meets-man from the perspective of gender. Probably the easiest fix for the problem is to have the characters start as “mortals” and become Angels (as in Nobilis). The players then at least start with all that mortal baggage…

  4. mary gilmartin said,

    I didnt do it that way though. In my game humans cant become angels. Angels are made not born, the only exception is the metatron.
    Humans can become gods, powers, avatars and saints however.

    Angels can only fall and become fallen angels then become demons or cut off their wings and become humans. Or simple stay as fallen angels till that stops being a possibility.

    So the angels somewhat envy the humans freedom to become damn near anything.

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