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March 21, 2007 at 2:31 pm (Games)

Read this post if you haven’t already.

Some of its pretty familar. I know gms who don’t set games in Ireland, due to not really thinking much of their own home country. Casual dislike for ourselves. Against our own. 

Well. It will probally go away with time, but its not been all that long since many went to england and carried back some of that attitude home. English intolerance mixing with a lack of self. In many ways we still dont seem to know who we are.

Rural, townie, gaelgoir, english-speaker, history-blind, history buff, rich and young, poor and old.  Sayings and songs, new pop and new books. 

A lot has changed in my lifetime, maybe when no one remembers it, our culture will be fixed.   



  1. matt said,

    I don’t set games in Belfast/Northern Ireland for many reasons. The first one is that I dislike dealing with anything to do with “The Troubles”. Secondly I don’t want players acting out petty revenge fantasies with local politicians and certainly not with people they went to school with. Thirdly, because I tried it once and it gave me a sour taste because the players, though they were in their late teens and filled with resent and dislike of their uncool situation as nerdish gamers, wanted to deal with the Troubles and then beat up on a couple of bullies in school with their new and cool World of Darkness powers.

    I guess I play games because of the strange and foreign. Strange powers, foreign locales. I’d probably not want to play a game which was heavily grounded in reality.

    That said – I think most people are proud of being Irish. I know I am (even though I barely qualify).

  2. The Dead One said,

    I haven’t had the same problems as Matt. I’ve ran a number of games set in Dublin with Irish players playing Irish characters. I’ve also played in one or two Ireland-based games. I’ve even tried running a celt based game too.

    That said, I know what Matt is saying, most of us play for the “fantasy” rather than the realism but I’ve never really had a problem playing an Irish or other character. It is sad that people can’t imagine RPG characters from their own nationality but I don’t think Irish gamers have that problem. However YMMV.

  3. mary gilmartin said,

    Well hopefully as time goes by it will be possible to run a game set in any part of Ireland without problems.
    I ran a hellboy game based in an alternative limerick city, and a modern d20 game also set here. It was short but worked fine. The unreality of the monsters mixed with the reality of the local worked fine.

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