Anyone have an rpg linkblog?

March 22, 2007 at 10:02 pm (Games)

Anyone using google reader to make an rpg linkblog? If so let me know so I can bookmark you. I dont use google reader myself but I’m begining to want to just to be able to have a linkblog.


  1. The Dead One said,

    What’s a “linkblog”?

    Check out Game Crafter’s Guild’s Pligg which is links rated and submitted by gamers. Is that something like a linkblog?

    I was recently thinking about setting up a Irish Gamers Blog Planet feed… may still do it.

  2. mary gilmartin said,

    No a linkblog is when you use google reader to mark posts with shirt+S as you read, the whole post is then available from the linkblog.

    Example scobles linkblog

    They are easy to read and fun.

  3. The Dead One said,

    Oh! I see. I think bloglines does something similar too.

    I think I prefer GCG’s pligg tbh. That’s where I dump any interesting RPG links… you can see all the links I’ve posted here.

  4. mary gilmartin said,

    Cool. Will read.

  5. Veinuarie said,

    We heartedly got mistaken and went especially to curving T.V.

  6. Pagsigue said,

    ehh… cognitively..

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