Update on gaming

November 18, 2007 at 11:40 pm (wow)

Recently I have been doing the new cooking daily quest. I like it very much. Thanks to it I’m now 3 points off max cooking. My Fishing has wandered up to 320, so its a lot more work to go. The only other daily I’m doing is the skyguard daily quest.

Project Gear Up My Druid is still in operation. Nearly there, but have a few more drops to get. I need new shoulders, better rings (with armour and defence). Im 300 off the kara armour level (20,000) and 300 off the stamina level (12,000). I have the attack power, dodge percent and crit chance. I also have the defence level.

My night elf priest is ready for a black fathom deep and stockades run. She is 27 and has a lovely pvp cloak waiting for level 28. I’m aiming to bring her up to 70 as quickly as possible.

My dreani shaman and hunter are ready for dead mines runs, thats on the back burner though till I have my priest cleared of instances. 


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Got some 5 man quests done

November 10, 2007 at 9:53 pm (wow)


Got the ogres first three rep quests done. Even with my many disconnects. But at least eircoms problems should be gone by monday.

I’m finding level 70 as a bit different. I’m finding I need a lot of breaks from it. There is too many things to do and you have to pace your path through them.

Finding the right tanking gear, while looking out for cat and healing upgrades too is a bit of a nightmare. I’ll be glade when I’m kara ready for all three.

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