Since I can’t actually play at the moment

December 13, 2007 at 1:42 am (wow)

I’m ending up doing even more reading than I normally do at the moment. I was reading Big Bear’s Guild Drama Post, and I noticed in the comments was a new players thoughts on how it put him off the idea of end game raiding a bit.

It’s not the first time I have heard this opinion. One of my own friends in the same guild as me, is getting less and less interested in reaching level 70. One of the reasons he gives is that the conversation’s I have with a friend of mine (who is a rogue and also a guild officer) have about preparing the guild for raiding and guild drama, put him off. We make raiding sound serious and make level 70 sound not fun, with our worries over the guild and people maybe leaving.

It bothers me though. Its not like we want the drama, but I haven’t heard of any guild who is always drama free. People argue, and the officers have to know about it. And I dislike that this is used as a reason for anyone to not try out end-game. I rather people try something and form their own opinion of it, rather than listen to my experiences and base it off that.

Plus we haven’t reached end game yet. Some of us are just trying to do so. I don’t want to be stopped from doing so because someone thinks they know what it will be like.

Level 70 has been tough so far. Trying to get geared up, trying to help others gear up, dealing with some very anti-level 70 attitudes. Trying to decide if I still want to run a guild, this many months into the experience.

I’ve been thinking about my GM status. With my new job do I have the time to be a guild leader? Good guilds (or clubs or teams) really do need a lot of time being put into the guild by officers and guildmasters alike. I don’t know if my officers will put in enough time to cover my less time.

I also know for sure, i’d have more fun not being an officer or guildmaster. That’s always the case. No more worries, no more pressure to keep growing and developing the guild.

A lot of this is selfish thoughts. I want to opt out because it would be easier. However we are nearly at our half of a kara party. We have some great people who I love hanging out with. We have a good reputation. So I’m putting these feelings down to the loss of a couple of people who left to raid more and the thought’s anyone has when they have been focused on something for a long time.

So I’m going to keep doing my best and keep trying to be the best bear tank on the sha’tar.

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