character updates

April 4, 2008 at 10:05 am (wow)

My main nightelf druid is respeced as resto and raiding happily. I’m trying to regrind with honor hold for the head enchant.

My dreani hunter is just finishing up exodar at level 23. Her cat recently learned claw/bite and cower from a spot of pet taming in teldrassil. She is going to the wetlands next. I’m thinking of changing skinning to engineering.

My dreani shammy is still bored in astranarr at level 24. I’m going to probally push her to 25 then hit duskwood. Her leatherworking and skinning are doing nicely.

My young nightelf druid has hit level 10. She is an enchanter and skinner.

My night elf shadow priest is finished the hinterlands and is heading to feralas. She is level 46. Her mining is pretty good, her jewelcrafting is way behind.

My night elf warrior is sitting a bit bored in exodar gaining rested xps.

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