Hi The Sha’tarian’s

May 15, 2008 at 9:57 am (wow) (, , , , )

Hi to the ally who whispered me and said hello yesterday evening.

My Guild has been focusing for the last while on Mount H and Black Temple. We are now going back and finishing off some of SSC. Last night we had a new boss down. A lot of fun.

The dumbest thing I did for the evening was fall off the path on the way to the 3rd boss, luckily lurker was down so the water was fish free and not boiling. To any else who do this, that pipe you can see that looks like it will take you back to the path does not seem too, I ended up being summoned by one of our kindly locks.

Beyond that it was a normal run, *heal heal heal, run run run, heal heal heal*

I’m also trying the gorefiend practice game as he is next on our hit list in black temple. Here is the link if you want to try it


My priest is patiently waiting for me to bring her from 53-58. But she will have to wait a bit. Farming and raiding is taking my time outside of work at the moment.

I have the head enchant on my main druid, next on my hit list is the boss for epic flight form.

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