August 23, 2008 at 11:52 pm (Uncategorized)

I liked hellboy overall. I can do this however as getting the characters are completely different to the book.

The elves were based off a mix of irish and norse mythology. Nuada of the tuatha, they had a interesting take on. I wasn’t sure if they based the king on Balor or Baldr.

I liked the take of fairy shot. I liked the fact he fought with a spear like weapon turned sword.

Nuala, I would have though maybe etain, might have been a better choose to base it off, but they were probally going with its an irish name that sounds simular.

The skin patterns were pretty interesting mixed with the blond hair that look limed and the traditional long hair on the men and women.

The golden gridles on all the royalty also had me going “oh what such a nice reference”, because I’m remembering the myths associated with them.

I’m unsure how much they were really thinking about most of this, but it was pretty cool for me.

I really really wish Nuala didn’t die though. However I can’t think of anything else she could have done to stop Nuada with a blood bond tie working between them. Maybe pay someone like Morrigan to break it.

Oh and I loved the raven headed warriors. A nice reference to Odin, and an Morrigan.

I do get the imagary is really really mixed, compared to the books that are very based on actual myths.


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  1. BarryH said,

    The king’s supposed to be Balor.

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