I’m preparing games for conclave again

August 24, 2007 at 3:02 pm (Blue Rose, Mage, Shadowrun)

I’m preparing games for conclave (25th and 26th of August). This weekend will be very busy for me, I’m down to run a blue rose game, a mage game and a shadowrun game on both the saturday and sunday.

So its a lot of work to make sure I’m ready.


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Blue Rose rpg

March 5, 2007 at 12:51 pm (Blue Rose)

Have been reading the blue rose system a bit. Got to say its lovely. I’m likeing the true d20 system. 

The core book is lovely from a gm perspective, they talk about a lot of different types of challenges (both combat and noncambat challenges too), different organisations the group could start in and lot of game flavour.

I spent ages chatting with Eva in the gathering about the art alone. Is a lovely book, no colour pictures on the inside but they are still gorgeous and celtic influenced.

I was showing one of my players the gming section for covering romance and he loved what the book said on the subject. He is so using it already in his star wars games.

People can make awful mistakes simply because they are preoccupied by romantic difficulties. Unscrupulous adversaries are sure to use this as a weapon.

The Intrigue section is also very very well done.

Motivations are important in intrigue. Understanding why your opponent does something can be even more important than understanding what he’s doing.

It covers well how a gm can handle magic powers that might make things too easy. The law. Mind probes are not allowed by law with agreement from the person, and people are not likely to agree. Players are likely to need to get evidence (mind probes arent evidene) and are likely to be hung out to dry if they break the law and get caught doing something very illegal.

Cant wait to try it out. Onceoff anyone? 

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Ah cool.

March 2, 2007 at 11:17 am (Blue Rose, Donjon, The princes kingdom, The Shadow of yesterday)

The local gameshop rang saying the blue rose rpg sourcebook is in.

Also I came across the site of The princes kingdom. Princes are the female or male children of the king, sent out to help the kingdom.  I’m going to tag the post I wrote about it because there is a good review link in it.  The author also wrote The shadow of yesterday and Donjon.

Hmm when we get a credit card I’ll have to get these.  The covers are lovely by the way. Very interesting looking.

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Rpgs I want to own.

January 14, 2007 at 11:38 am (Blue Rose, Systems, The princes kingdom)

Im still waiting on my order of the Blue rose rpg. I really hope the order will come in.

I also now want to get The Princes Kingdom. Which is a game that is well suited for kids. I’d like to be able to run games for young gamers, because I think in Cons in ireland there often isn’t any games suitable for them to play. Which is a bit of a loss for them.

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