Obsidian: the Age of Judgment LARP

May 1, 2009 at 11:55 am (Obsidian the Age of Judgment) ()

“You are about to step into the shoes of one of the citizens of the Zone, a monolithic city that houses the last survivors of the human race. Kultists menace the conduits, stalking souls to fuel their malefic Convokations. Mystics struggle to keep the Daemonic threat in check. Machines fall away from the imperfect humans around them. Corporates profit from the chaos and the rest of the populace just tries not to get caught in the crossfire.A quickstart is just that: a quick way to start a game. The Obsidian Live Action Roleplaying Quickstart contains everything you need to know to play in or run a game.”

Obsidian: the Age of Judgment LARP

I’m interested in games set after the end of the world. However I am not sure if I have found one I really like yet.


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