I’m preparing games for conclave again

August 24, 2007 at 3:02 pm (Blue Rose, Mage, Shadowrun)

I’m preparing games for conclave (25th and 26th of August). This weekend will be very busy for me, I’m down to run a blue rose game, a mage game and a shadowrun game on both the saturday and sunday.

So its a lot of work to make sure I’m ready.


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Shadowrun 4ed

February 26, 2007 at 10:31 am (Shadowrun)

Wow, lots of bad commentary from the older players. And a lot of, havent seen it, havent bothered. Don’t blame them really. I hate dnd 3.5 and cyberpunk 3.0. Sometimes you just dont like the way a series goes.

btw I still take offence of the player in that warpcon game who thought I (or anyone) likes cp3.0 *shakes fist*

As someone new to the Shadowrun system, I quite like it. I would like to pick up, the older, better series though. I’d be thinking of 2ed revised if I could find it. The character creation is a bit long, I’d say an hour per character and hard to do all the characters at once. Rolemaster still takes the title of longest character creation ever. Kiding you not I think it took about 36 hours to do up a character. Then only 3 games of the campaign happened. 😦

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Shadowrun dumbness

February 2, 2007 at 1:11 pm (Shadowrun)

Shadowrun’s medical technology seems easily capable of providing birth control implants for men and women; a common implant for women would place their bodies into a state like a trained athlete’s, suppressing menstruation in addition to fertility. (This would even be done for health reasons, as studies in the modern era suggest that women are living much longer than ever before and their bodies don’t seem to be designed to go through the stress of menstruation as many times as they are; women in the Shadowrun era might only menstruate once or twice a year.) amurgsval.org

The fact is, that this is not healthy and a bit weird that its brought up. It would be a bit nicer to just let the player decide themselves what they want to do, how it works and the fact that it shouldn’t come up in an rpg game.  

This may make for interesting shadowrunning possibilities: a man who sires only daughters may have one turned into a son to inherit or make an alliance with another family, or an investigation could reveal that a man’s wife and mother of his children didn’t start out as a female…)

Gender shouldn’t matter in cyberpunk for inheritance. And the other example leads to a lot of trans issues that probally shouldn’t come up in a fun shadowrun game.

It is possible to run a fun shadowrun game, without needing to bring in racism, sexism or homophobia.

Or for that matter abortion 

 Assensing also has other uses: it should be possible for a good assensor to detect pregnancy in a woman’s aura as early as one month of gestation, if not sooner. Depending on campaign flavor, a fetus’ aura may show independently (either through the mother or using a fiber optic scope) at some point— probably by the third trimester— and could provide additional fuel for debates about abortion.

Again why go there? Why bring this into a game. And if you do for the gods sake, check it with your players first, so nobodies dark secrets gets brought up in the middle of a session.

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