Hackmaster’s pixie fairies rebirth?

January 29, 2007 at 2:19 pm (DND, Hackmaster)

Reference: Porting HackMaster’s Pixie Fairies into D&D 3.5 by Mark Plemmons from KoDT 111.

Am I the only adult who has read this? They get reborn how?

..the deceased spirit enters a surrogate faeriefolk female of adult age and induces pregnacy without need for sex.

His rebirth mother helps him in this as much as possible, for serving as the vessel for a reincarnate is a great honor.

How is this not disgusting and horrific? How is this acceptable?

Please tell me.. actually just tell me, forget the please, that this is a stupid idea added for dnd, rather than an ‘acceptable’ idea thats been in the design for the start.

In case you don’t get why this isn’t ok. People’s bodys are their own, not your’s and definately not just to let you keep your character if you are dumb enough to get your character killed.


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